Who am I?

Well I am the girl that got dumped right before Christmas. I am the girl that went a little crazy and luckily did not end up on the nightly news special. Above all I am the girl, just like every other girl trying to find a place in this world. You think that you have it all together. You think that you have found all of the pieces to your puzzle. You even make plans for a big house with a wrap around porch and a yard for your kids to play in after getting your masters and doctorate and dream job. Well folks, life isn’t that simple. This Cinderella wasn’t waiting for the shoe to drop but it did. Prince Charming turned out to be a cowardly toad. This Cinderella is determined to forget about the plans she had with Charming and take a cue from Elsa and learn how to be self-sufficient but still be freaking happy. I have started this blog because like Carrie Bradshaw, I fell for my Mr. Big and boy did I fall HARD but just like Mr. Big in Sex & the City, while Carrie got left at the alter well I was abandoned out of nowhere, without explanation via phone call.

We have all been there.  We have all had our hearts, our precious hearts, the one’s we were even initially hesitant about giving away in the first place – ripped out of our chest, thrown across the room, stabbed twenty times and then run over by a car. What’s left? Road kill essentially. But some way, somehow, you live to love another day…

          This is what this blog is all about, the everyday survival of breakups.  I am going through one myself so I know firsthand what it feels like, and like the Queens of Surviving Break Ups that came before me (Taylor Swift and Carrie Bradshaw) I plan to socially exploit myself in order to help myself and you get through this rough road ahead. There is no formula for getting over someone but I do think that there’s better ways to surviving a break up and there are ways to make things easier on yourself.

          Who am I kidding you? Break ups are anything but easy. If anything I hope this blog offers a laugh or serves as a reminder that it’s not the end of the world, things will get better and he didn’t deserve you anyway. Or feel free to just mock my horrible life decisions, whatever makes you feel better!





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