The Bright Side of going through a break up during the holidays…

There is always a silver lining no matter how rough things get…

Here are a few things that I tried to focus on in an effort to stay positive even though I feel like I am slowly dying inside.

1. You get to return their gifts and cash in on something you wanted.  i.e. : I bought HIM really nice running gear because before he started saying I was responsible for his unhappiness it was because he had fallen out of good “gym habits” — now since cardio is the only thing that relieves the pain, I am going to Dick’s to get myself some really nice gym clothes! maybe even some new shoes…

2. You don’t overeat.  No appetite = no extra pounds.

I don’t know about how you are surviving your breakup because people react one of two ways when they are stressed and sad.  They either OVEReat or UNDEReat. Typically I am the stress eater, all I want is Chickfila sweet tea and french fries oh and wine but this has been a different kind of stress, it’s way more depressing than stressful so I haven’t had an appetite at all.  I guess sI can be thankful that I will begin 2015 3lbs lighter…

3.  You can get drunk through the holidays.  Even the judgiest friends and relatives look away.   This kind of applies universally to breakups because as someone in their mid-twenties, we often turn to alcohol to soothe our sorrows.  This hasn’t really applied to me much though, drinking makes me sadder..drinking also leads to self-destructing pathetic text messages… or worse trying to get back on Tinder to make myself feel better. SO drink with caution! and preferably a best friend that knows when to cut you off.

4. You probably will receive Christmas presents just because people feel bad for you.  UM hello, my parents are sending me to Firefly music festival and some of my best friends’ boyfriends (who are also my really good friends) go together and now I am going to Tyler Swift in New Jersey.   As much as I love my friends and know that they are all very generous… I know deep down down that had I not been absolutely miserable, sad, heartbroken and a hot mess throughout December they wouldn’t have felt the need to do something SO amazing.  Regardless, it’s definitely what you would call silver lining. ll

5.  You get a pass for half-ass Christmas presents.  At least I did from my family and my friends.  Don’t get me wrong, they still received awesome gifts — they just didn’t take a lot of thought.  Going shopping after everything was WAY too overwhelming, so thank goodness for Amazon Prime 2 day shipping and Free Holiday Shipping from Target! or everyone would’ve received $50 VISA gift cards.

If you have anything I may’ve missed (which is probably true since this list is so brief) post it in the comments.  Maybe it will bring everyone else some Christmas spirit as well.





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